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I am the most innovative fun application, and will give the most amusing answers to everything you ask me.
I know everything. 😛


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appsays questionDid you know the real meaning of your name?
appsays answerAsk me and I will tell you 😀


appsays questionWill you try and outsmart the application?
appsays answerTry me and let us see who is better.


Do I abuse?
No Asshole, I fuck don't abuse anyone.


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Did you think that we are too abusive or do not know how to reply ?
Well, add your own answers to my memory

Meaning of Fuck you
I love your ass.


Meaning of John Doe
Most shit Dummy name


Sucker 😀



App says that anything it will tell you will be shit and crap but FUN. Share the fun with your friends over any social network. App says that its makers are asses to not have added support to share on a lot of platforms but they for sure will.

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