App Say’s : Many reasons to download

Categories: crude humor

App Say’s would give a first impression of a weird and a useless application but if you explore the application you will find a lot of small funny, mischievous features in the app which make it different from Millions of application on Apple and Google Play store.

The sound bites are unique and some are irritatingly worth notice as a loud ‘meow’ which sounds like an irritated cat is shouting at you would make you use it again and again and laugh and lighten up during some boring or not-so good times.

The emoticons are fresh and creative and a few of them are so wanted and expected in any platform but sadly seem to be always missing like the middle finger and that mischievous smile, which can definitely give you some light moments in times of being alone and sometimes lost and lonely.

App say’s would let you post any text and sound in correspondence to the name of the person who you always wanted to propose to but could never do but still expect to share those feelings anonymously.

Bring your energy and creativity to good use by inventing some new abusive words and associate them to your friends.

Do not miss to find out what the application has been fed with about you. (Expect something real fun on this one)

Hope you like our effort and let us know if there is any way in which we can improve it.

App Say’s Thank you to All 🙂

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