App Say’s : Many reasons to download

App Say’s would give a first impression of a weird and a useless application but if you explore the application you will find a lot of small funny, mischievous features in the app which make it different from Millions of application on Apple and Google Play store.

The sound bites are unique and some are irritatingly worth notice as a loud ‘meow’ which sounds like an irritated cat is shouting at you would make you use it again and again and laugh and lighten up during some boring or not-so good times.

The emoticons are fresh and creative and a few of them are so wanted and expected in any platform but sadly seem to be always missing like the middle finger and that mischievous smile, which can definitely give you some light moments in times of being alone and sometimes lost and lonely.

App say’s would let you post any text and sound in correspondence to the name of the person who you always wanted to propose to but could never do but still expect to share those feelings anonymously.

Bring your energy and creativity to good use by inventing some new abusive words and associate them to your friends.

Do not miss to find out what the application has been fed with about you. (Expect something real fun on this one)

Hope you like our effort and let us know if there is any way in which we can improve it.

App Say’s Thank you to All 🙂

Vent it out

App Says, In wake of Paris Terror Attacks, so many of us want to vent out the anger and Facebook and Twitter would not allow you to use the words that you want to use and might just block your account.
Well here is a platform which will allow you to just do that as it is created for the same thing.

Be anonymous but still loud and clear 😉

Happy Playing

Say everything that you always wanted to

App Says, also a way to broadcast something you always wanted to say

In line of tradition with the mischievousness, there are so many thing you wanted to add to the person’s name and wanted everyone to see it.

Here is a chance to do it.

Tell the app section allows you to add any text to a person’s name along with a Emoticon and a Sound bite.

When this word will be searched by anyone around the world, our global database would be your best friend and the app will say just as you always wanted to say.

So Tell the App so that the App Says 😉

Happy Playing.

It is trending

Social Network website and platforms are great, but we all need something new on these platforms all the time.

I for-see rise of “App Says” for sometime, its a fun application which has some new innovative abusive words and some dirty creative intelligence which could be something new that will interest you.

We love to lovingly abuse our friends in some creative way and at times run out of creativity to abuse. Try “App Says”, we have worked on some good ways to abuse, allowing you to add your own creativity ad sharing with the world.

Wikipedia taught us that community is a great medium to maintain a knowledge database, but how much of an as like you and me have managed to contribute to this community of some serious knowledge, we thought about it for long in the loo and after thinking about really Long in that smelly shit of mine, I conceived the idea of “App Says” and this is how this shit was born.

So, in a mathematical Equation:

Wikipedia – Seriousness & Sense = App Say’s

I know everything about this application is shit, but better than the shitty world around us.

Why it is FUN

Well its one shit of an application that is crap, but I will suggest a few possible ways in which whatever App says could be fun.

App says could be a way to have fun with your friends: Add a new meaning to your friends name and let other friends find that new meaning and Share it on your social network.

Add word: John Doe

Tell the app: Guy who farted last night at the party.

Ask the app some tricky Questions:

What do girls want

App says: Error 404 (Page not Found)

Well that was too tricky, when God does not know the answer how can the app tell you.

Ask the app :Who is Jim?

App says: Smart ass.

I know you will get bored of it all real quick and abuse us for making such shit, but we love creating some shitty cool stuff and will continue to work on the app to not let you get bored.