It is trending

Social Network website and platforms are great, but we all need something new on these platforms all the time.

I for-see rise of “App Says” for sometime, its a fun application which has some new innovative abusive words and some dirty creative intelligence which could be something new that will interest you.

We love to lovingly abuse our friends in some creative way and at times run out of creativity to abuse. Try “App Says”, we have worked on some good ways to abuse, allowing you to add your own creativity ad sharing with the world.

Wikipedia taught us that community is a great medium to maintain a knowledge database, but how much of an as like you and me have managed to contribute to this community of some serious knowledge, we thought about it for long in the loo and after thinking about really Long in that smelly shit of mine, I conceived the idea of “App Says” and this is how this shit was born.

So, in a mathematical Equation:

Wikipedia – Seriousness & Sense = App Say’s

I know everything about this application is shit, but better than the shitty world around us.

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