Why it is FUN

Categories: crude humor

Well its one shit of an application that is crap, but I will suggest a few possible ways in which whatever App says could be fun.

App says could be a way to have fun with your friends: Add a new meaning to your friends name and let other friends find that new meaning and Share it on your social network.

Add word: John Doe

Tell the app: Guy who farted last night at the party.

Ask the app some tricky Questions:

What do girls want

App says: Error 404 (Page not Found)

Well that was too tricky, when God does not know the answer how can the app tell you.

Ask the app :Who is Jim?

App says: Smart ass.

I know you will get bored of it all real quick and abuse us for making such shit, but we love creating some shitty cool stuff and will continue to work on the app to not let you get bored.

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